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Research and Biotechnology

CorpoGen is a private non-profit research center established in 1995 for research and tehnological development in Colombia

We do research, work in biotechnology and offer technological services.

About us


To promote science and technology in Colombia via research, collaborations, training, products and technical services.


To be an independent and sustainable center, leader in Molecular Biotechnology.

  • We promote science and biotechnology in Colombia

  • We do basic and applied research in  Microbiology

  • We collaborate with national and international scientists, universities and research centers

  • We offer solutions in research and development

2017-07-15 14.06.34-1.png
Corpogen recognized as a research center by Minciencias

What we do

We do research and offer products and services for research and development

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Basic and applied microbiology

Test Tubes

Reagents for molecular biology

Training for medical professionals

 Consulting and specialized services     

Training and courses

Clients and collaborators

We work with universities, research centers and private entities - national and international

  • Casa Luker, Inkemia, Vaxtrials, Nespresso
  • Humboldt Institute, Sinchi Institute, National Institute of Health
  • Central University, University of the Andes
  • National University, Javeriana University
  • CIB, ICESI, Agrosavia

Work networks:

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