We do both basic and applied research in Microbiology and have various national and international projects. Corpogen has three research groups:

  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Molecular Genetics 
  • Bioinformatics

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Microbial resistance and adaptation

  • Resistance in the environment

  • Biofilms and microbial communities associated with orotracheal tubes in patients in intensive care units.

microbial diversity

  • Identification and conservation of microorganisms isolated from soils and waters of various extreme habitats in the country.  

  • Microbial communities associated with pianguas in the Pacific

  • Microorganisms in the Transmilenio bus system in Bogotá


Biomarkers and diagnostics

  • Molecular diagnosis of M. tuberculosis

  • Transcriptomics in M. tuberculosis

  • Diagnoses of viral diseases in Colombia

Metabolites and microbial enzymes

  • Identification and study of biosynthetic genes in Streptomyces strains

  • Study of microbial enzymes to favor edible mushroom cultures

  • Development of a molecular system to increase gene expression in metagenomic libraries. 


  • Metabolic potential present in genomes and metagenomes

  • Identification of enzymes in metagenomes

Recent Publications

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