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COVID - 19: Some suggestions

- Stay at home and follow guidelines from the Government and experts

- Use a face mask and keep your distance

- Keep a positive attitude for your physical and mental health

- Do exercise, if possible, talk to others, meditate, enjoy some humor

- Work on a hobby

- Learn something new

- Keep informed, from trustworthy sources, but rest from coronavirus news

- Above all, keep calm

Data from Colombia: INS
Information on the Américas: PAHO
World data: Worldometer

Cristian Romero was awarded a prize for his work in Corpogen

With the help of Adán Ramírez and other researchers at Corpogen, Cristian did next generation sequencing with the aim of studying the diversity of fungi and bacteria. He PCR-amplified the V3-V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene to identify bacteria and the ITS1 region to identify fungi. The libraries were then sequenced in the Illumina MiSeq at  Corporación Corpogen.

New sampling kit for diagnosing COVID-19

  • 100% made in Colombia

  • An alliance among  Corpogen, 3D Solutions and the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

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